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“Cindy uniquely brings a strategic mindset and practical execution skills to get clinical studies done efficiently, effectively, and in a capital-efficient manner. As a commercial leader, I could not have asked for a better partner than Cindy.”

Mika Nishimura / Global Commercialization Manager | Independent Director, San Francisco, CA

” I have seen first-hand Cindy’s exceptional ability to provide tailored mentorship and support to empower teams, accelerate their knowledge, and develop strong leadership capabilities to cultivate a pipeline of skilled clinical leaders to drive strategic initiatives and propel their companies towards success.”

Matt Byrne / Vice President - R&D and Operations, Minneapolis, MN

“Cindy’s creative and specialized approach to developing comprehensive plans enables companies to leverage their resources more efficiently bringing maximum value from their clinical research. Her ability to lead with innovation in trial designs and team operations has led to breakthroughs, accelerating the speed with which she has generated crucial clinical data.”

Melissa Ingram / Life Sciences & Technology Transformation Executive, Boston, MA