Who Is Cindy Grabowski?

With three decades of experience in clinical affairs and operations, you will benefit from my expertise as you navigate the rapidly evolving medical device clinical research landscape. I have successfully managed 23 clinical trials during our career, from First-In-Human studies to Post-Market studies, across various therapeutic areas, including Urology, Immunology, Pulmonology, Cardiology, and Orthopedics.

By partnering with me, you will receive customized and comprehensive clinical research plans designed to be scientifically rigorous and efficient. I will work closely with your team to streamline the clinical development process and ensure your research initiatives produce high-quality data in the most efficient and cost-effective manner possible.

My tailored approach to study design and execution will give you confidence and peace of mind so you can focus on what really matters: developing innovative solutions that improve patient lives.

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Beyond the Insights: My Clinical Research Portfolio

With over three decades of dedicated involvement in clinical studies, I bring a wealth of expertise that spans the entire spectrum of the clinical research landscape. Over the course of my career, I’ve effectively managed a total of 23 studies, showcasing a diverse range of experience across various study phases including:

First in Humans Studies: Spearheading 5 feasibility studies aimed at pioneering new medical interventions, ensuring meticulous attention to safety and efficacy at the earliest stages of development.

Pilot Studies: Overseeing 8 pilot studies, laying the groundwork for larger-scale trials by fine-tuning protocols and evaluating feasibility.

Pivotal Studies: Conducting five pivotal studies to validate the effectiveness and safety of groundbreaking medical technologies essential for regulatory approval and market entry.

Post-market Studies: Managing five post-market studies to continuously monitor product performance and safety in real-world settings, ensuring ongoing regulatory compliance and customer satisfaction.

What truly distinguishes my background is the comprehensive breadth of my experience across multiple therapeutic areas. While many Clinical Affairs leaders specialize in specific disease therapy, I’ve successfully navigated six therapeutic areas throughout my career. Notably, I’ve succeeded in each area I’ve worked in, demonstrating adaptability, expertise, and a proven track record of delivering results.

My experience extends beyond national borders, with a global footprint encompassing studies conducted in 10 countries. From the United States to Japan and from the Netherlands to Panama, I’ve cultivated invaluable insights into diverse regulatory environments, cultural considerations, and healthcare systems, facilitating seamless international collaboration and market expansion initiatives.

My journey from benchtop to bedside encompasses technical expertise and a deep understanding of the intricate nuances of clinical research and global healthcare landscapes.

This rare combination of skills positions me as a trusted leader capable of driving innovation, navigating regulatory complexities, and ultimately delivering impactful solutions to patients and healthcare providers worldwide.